Floor Coatings

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How to get started with your floor.

Start off with a good clean.

The first step before you apply your coating is to prepare the area with a thorough clean. It will provide the perfect surface before applying any paint, tapes or floor markers later on and will be time well spent – trust us you may not want to do it, but it will reward you long-term. For this first process we would recommend you use our;

Axalta ViterWash T is an acid etch solution for the preparation/cleaning – Please follow the safety guidelines in the product datasheet to ensure that the floor is as clean as possible before you apply your floor coating.

Please only apply in areas with good ventilation which must also be maintained during the drying and curing. Do not apply when rain, mist, sleet or snow are imminent.

This can be applied by airless spray, conventional spray or brush.

Theoretical coverage: 20m2 per litre.

Choose the right floor coating for your needs.

Light/Domestic floor paint - ViterFloor 276 is a single pack, economic coating. An easily applied floor coating that consists of a mild solvent blend to minimise the reaction with existing floor coatings and minimise the lifting of old coating edges. This single pack floor paint is ideal for concrete and wooden floors in light traffic areas.

ViterFloor 276 is an easy to use maintenance paint for light duty areas in garages, shops, warehouses and industrial units. This product benefits from being able to be brush or roller applied for easy routine floor repainting.

Theoretical coverage of: 9-15m2 per litre.

General purpose/light traffic floor paint - ViterFloor EEF is a great overall performance coating compared to traditional single pack floor coatings. It has good resistance to scuffing and spillages of oil, petrol, detergents and dilute aqueous chemical solutions. ViterFloor EEF is suitable for use on multiple surfaces: concrete, stone, timber or even primed steelwork.

It can be easily applied to light duty areas by: brush, roller or airless spray.

Theoretical coverage: 8-13m2 per litre.

Heavy-duty concrete floor paint – 66F Line Two-Pack Epoxy is a two-part epoxy resin floor paint designed for areas needing some extra-protection. It offers a long-lasting finish at the highest possible quality. Our best-selling floor formula available in Gloss/Semi-Gloss/ Eggshell and Matt, this paint offers excellent resistance to heavy foot traffic and medium to high vehicular traffic.

This can be applied by spray, roller or brush, with a theoretical coverage of: 8-10m2 per litre

Clear concrete floor paint - Viterfloor 1105 is a translucent protective floor coating. Designed for light traffic areas, forming a clear surface which reduces dirt retention. Easily applied, it is ideal for brush and roller application. Rapid drying – touch dry in 30 minutes, resistant to petroleum spirit and oils. A great product for driveway protection as it stops water penetration therefore reduces the penetration of water.

Choose how much you need – based on the displayed theoretical coverage for the product of your choice.

Choose your colour - We will tint your required coating to the colour of your choice. Simply choose here then add the shade of your choice in the required box in the order process. Make sure that you buy enough to complete your project though but please note - bespoke colours cannot be returned.

Choose the finish – we can manufacture your coating to ensure that your floor looks exactly as you had hoped.

Complete the order then sit back and await your delivery – we endeavour to have your coating with you within 5 working days.

If you need any support either before, during or after the project - we are always here to help.