About Ace Coatings South Ltd

Being part of the New Guard Coatings Group, Ace Coatings South Ltd are specialists in the distribution of industrial paint and coatings. Our wide range of products include protective and general industrial paints, pool paint, maintenance paint and construction repair and maintenance products too.

The saying is ‘time is money’, so with that in mind at Ace Coatings South Ltd we ensure that from the initial enquiry to you applying your first coat, time is kept to a minimum.

We go beyond the sale of the product, we are here to support you. Everything from ensuring that you make the correct product choice, to ensuring it’s an exact colour, it needs to be at the right price and then delivered on time.

All our staff are equipped with many years of experience and knowledge within the paint manufacture and supply market. This enables us to give our many customers good, well informed advice.

Our product knowledge means we can supply our customer’s products to meet their every need, however large or small. Our understanding of the protection and decoration markets gives us the capabilities to be able to advise on what type of coating is appropriate to use for each individual job. We are able to develop new coatings for large users where needed.

At Ace Coatings South Ltd, based on a lifetimes work in the paint and coatings industry, you’ll soon realise that you’ve nothing to worry about, ‘we’ve got a reputation to protect’.

Ace Coatings are able to offer a unique service where we can match specific colours to customer’s own samples.

We can also supply different finishes in paint such as hammer finish, leatherette and textured floor paint. We are always keeping ourselves up to date with latest products in the market, as well as developing new colours or finishes.

We supply within the UK but can export for large consignments. We are happy to receive enquiries no matter how large or small, and will always seek to give you best advice for your needs.

Ace Coatings South Ltd are proud owners of Serene Paints Ltd, Pool Paint Ltd and Trade Paint Supplies Limited.

Ace Coatings south ltd has also added distribution of the protega and crosbie coatings products. please contact us for further information on any of our products.